2022 Virtual Careers Fair

After many requests, we decided to keep the VCF open for the rest of the academic year.

High Performance Podcast

High performance is delighted to partner with National Careers Week for #NCW2022. Get all their superb resources for FREE here.

2022 KS3/4 Assembly

Download our brand new Careers Week assemblies, over 13 thousand downloads last year!

WorldSkillsUK Careers Advice

We inspire young people, whatever their background, to choose high-quality apprenticeships and technical education as prestigious career routes. Check out this amazing student focused advice site, with over 40 industries to choose from.

WorldSkillsUK Competitions

Skills competitions provide employers, colleges and independent training providers with a proven method of upskilling and developing young people from all backgrounds and abilities.

2022 KS4 Labour Market Information

We’re updating the assemblies for this year, but the old ones still work great for in class activities. You can use them alongside the ‘”Future Of Work Guide” for older students.

2022 KS3 The Future Of Work

We’re updating the assemblies for this year, but the old ones still work great for in class activities. You can use them alongside the ‘”Future Of Work Guide” booklet for older students.

2022 KS2 Jobs People Do

We’re updating the assemblies for this year, but the old ones still work great for in class activities. You can use them alongside the ‘”Who Am I” activity for younger students.

2022 Word Searches

Our sponsors have created for us some great word searches with loads of keywords relating to their industry sector to share with pupils.

2022 Who Are We?

Facilitate some great discussions at home about careers with our, “Home school careers conversations” resources now available for download.

2022 Treasure Hunt Sheets

Download these treasure hunt sheets that can be completed electronically to guide students around the Virtual Careers fair. Have a look in advance to get an idea of what there will be to look at!

2022 Skills Suitcase

The Skills Suitcase is a great individual or paired activity to help students recognise key skills they may not realise the importance of. Can be used in conjunction with the Student Profile. Quick to prepare for and easy to deliver to groups of all sizes

2022 Job Journey

This is your big chance for your students to get involved in National Careers Week and work together to create something special. The Job Journey App Challenge, designed for students in Key Stage 2-4, allows groups of students to exhibit their creativity and design skills

2022 Dice Game

The dice games are a set of three simple resources you can use to get students thinking about their own skills, and their future careers. Really quick and easy to use.

2022 Careers Crosswords

Our sponsors have created for us some great crosswords with loads of keywords relating to their industry sector to share with pupils. Clues are provided to make it a real learning experience and each is provided with a word bank to support younger students.

2022 About Me

A quick & easy activity to get kids of all ages to start talking about what they’ve got to offer besides exam results.

Think Logistics!

Think Logistics works to make the logistics, transport and supply chain profession an attractive career of choice. Check out some great video resources they have just published, and get signed up for their free webinar.

Discover careers in the Civil Service

We’re making the Civil Service a truly brilliant place to work. Use our career matcher to find out what jobs might be a perfect fit for you.

Inspiring the Future

Career Leaders and other school staff can gain virtual access to an amazing range of thousands of diverse volunteers without being limited by geography, to inspire Y7 – Y13 students about subject options, post-16 options and pathways to their dream job.  With live virtual sessions or pre-recorded sessions, we can support you to maximise volunteer encounters to meet Gatsby Benchmarks 4-7.

Primary Futures

Through our portal, gain virtual access to an amazing range of thousands of diverse volunteers to inspire primary pupils about the world of work. In child-friendly formats, volunteers help pupils link subject learning to their futures as they interact with relatable role models that challenge gender stereotypes.  We can support you to setup safe, interactive and impactful aspirational activities and provide flexible pre-recorded sessions

What’s Your Story?

We’ve decided to do something to link what we do in delivering the biggest celebration of careers in the UK, with World Book Day for primary pupils.

Skills Builder Benchmark

Skills Builder Benchmark is an online self-assessment tool where you can discover your essential skills strengths and areas for improvement. It is a useful, reflective tool for anyone who would like to learn more about themselves and be able to talk confidently about their skillset.

Skills Builder Short Lessons

Lots of easy to pick up short lessons covering loads of topics covering body language, handling disagreements, motivation and more.

Skills Builder Workshops

Amazing ready to deliver workshops covering lots of key skills including problem solving, teamwork, leadership and more.

Skills Builder Assemblies

Check out the superb range of assembly resources covering key skills. Ready to go in a flash.

Key Qualities Worksheets

Download these useful worksheets to use as discussion starters on: leadership, attendance, punctuality & co-operation. Now modified so you can type straight in!

Launch Yourself

Some great resources for teachers and students to raise aspirations and awareness of your skills and qualities which will help when you come to apply for courses or jobs in the future, courtesy of the Humber Outreach Programme. This has now been updated with a fully online workbook, with no printing required.

British Army Jobs

Explore a range of engaging resources, which includes; assemblies, stand-alone lessons and complete schemes of work.

Find your career in racing

Explore the hundreds of different careers with the British Horseracing Authority.

Find your career at sea

There are plenty of exciting careers in the maritime sector to choose from – both on and offshore. Find out more here

Find your career in health

Make a difference with a career in health. Get all the information you need to take the next step in your career. Explore the roles available and find your career.

NCW TV is now live!

Here you will find some of the very best careers videos from around the UK to share with your students. Each month new films will be added to our channel, so keep an eye on it.

IMI Autocity

IMI Autocity is the one-stop-shop for impartial careers information and advice on careers in the Retail Motor Industry.  Whether you are an individual looking to start or progress your career, or a teacher or careers advisor who supports others in making their career choices, Autocity is the place to start.

National Careers Week: think, learn, compute

Listen to six professionals working in non-stereotypical roles and industries which rely on computing skills to show how essential it is to have a foundational knowledge of the subject.

Student Profile

Help engage your students with key employability messages regarding the importance of punctuality, attendance, behaviour and target setting. This booklet is ideal to use during tutor time over the course of the year to ensure students focus on forming good habits that will serve them well in the future.

Who Can I Help?

Who Can I help? is a discussion and drawing activity for your learners in KS2 to help explore the key skills people in the real world need every day

Careers Cafe

Careers Cafes are an opportunity for young people to speak to adults who are not teachers, who work in local companies. This is a great way to help give young people an insight into working life and different careers in your local area. Use this handy set of resources to help get your Careers Café project started